Information packets

Building support and visibility for the thru-hike is one of our primary goals for 2024. Part of that effort is to reach out to key people, most of whom are in northern New Mexico.

Our new information packets help communicate what the thru-hike is, where it goes, and other key information. The packets include:

  • A printed 11 x 17 summary map. Get a printable 8.5 x 11 map here.
  • Printed 11 x 17 section maps for each of the six sections of the thru-hike.
  • A one-sheeter, “What’s a thru-hike?” This explains the obvious, but also lists other thru-hikes in the United States that are approximately the same distance as the thru-hike.
  • A two pages with key facts of the Santa Fe to Taos Thru-hike plus a short description of each the six sections.
  • A two-page description, plan, and details about our project of marking the trail.
  • Four postcards, two bookmarks, and one business card.
  • A two-pocket folder to hold everything.
Get a digital version of the information packet here. It’s a large file – 100 MB – because the section maps are large files.

These packets cost approximately $2.50 each to produce, and about $3 each to mail.

And they work. People like them, and the packets give people a way to learn about the thru-hike without me talking to them at the same time.

The packets also give people a way to share the information with others. So far, I usually mail out three info packets to people. One for them, and one each for two other people.

This has worked well; the people they give the packets to tend to be people who I would definitely want to have a packet. I do this after I’ve spoken to the person I’m mailing the packets to on the phone, so I know a) they would like them b) the mailing address is right c) I am sending the packets to someone who is both important and who is willing to give a packet to someone else.

If you would like an information packet, please send an email to Include:

  • Who you are (name, title, organization)
  • Why you want one (prospective donor, state or federal or municipal employee)
  • Your phone number
  • Your mailing address

If you would like to make a donation to cover the cost of a few information packets, you can do that here. Even small donations help, and they make a huge impact on morale.

*Please don’t hesitate to request a packet because you’re concerned about the cost to me.* I want to get these out to people. If you’re interested in the thru-hike, especially if you are a possible supporter of the thru-hike, I would really like to send you one. If you’re in northern New Mexico and would like me to hand-deliver a packet to you and have a short talk with you about the thru-hike, let’s meet for a coffee somewhere.

Information packets 2.0

I will be adding a few things to the information packets soon:

  • A 2-3 page report outlining the potential economic impacts of the thru-hike for Santa Fe, Taos, and the communities in-between. I have gotten a very kind offer from a highly-skilled recreational economic impact researcher who is helping me with this report.
  • A letter of support from a well-recognized New Mexico non-profit. This should be available soon. I am hugely grateful for it, and hope to have at least one or two other letters of support like this before the end of the year.
  • A trail guide. This is a bit of a project, but the materials for it are coming together rapidly. I do have to address/resolve that perplexing “no-advertising” rule from the national forest people before I move forward on a guide book.
  • A financial statement and a proposed annual budget. Our finances are so small right now that this is almost funny, but were a second donor to appear, or if funding was somehow made available, I want this document ready.