The Santa Fe to Taos Thru-Hike

The Santa Fe to Taos thru-hike goes from the Santa Fe Plaza all the way to Taos Plaza over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It is 132 miles long, spans four counties – Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, Mora, and Taos – and crosses the Santa Fe National Forest, The Pecos Wilderness, and Carson National Forest.

We have Gaia GPS maps documenting every step of the thru-hike.

Click here to download a printable version of the summary map above. The file is 1.7 mb, 300 dpi, and will fit on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

Here are a few of our favorite photographs:

The Trail Riders Wall in the Pecos Wilderness

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Epic, epic views. You can see 360 degrees from the top of the slope, which would be off to the right of this photo. See the peak to the left? That's Truchas Peak. The two lakes are just below it, slightly to the right. Fun fact: New Mexico has the second-highest incidence of lightning strikes in the US (after Florida, of all places). Be mindful when you are on ridges and similar places. Another fun fact: There is a clutch of trees along the path that crosses the Trail Rider's Wall. It's not a "forest" but there is enough shelter there to get through a thunderstorm if you needed to. Or just get down off the ridge and into the trees.